Let's Promote Libraries!

by Brooke King, Middle School Librarian in Humble ISD, TxASLTalks Editorial Board

As school librarians, we need to do a better job of promoting ourselves and all the amazing happenings in our libraries. Many stakeholders may not fully understand all that we do. The TxASL Legislative & Advocacy Committee wants to change that.

The Let’s Promote Libraries initiative is a monthly social media campaign to encourage school librarians to promote themselves, their programs, and their instruction. It is organized around the revised standards and each month’s topic is framed as a question. We might ask, “Did you know school librarians train staff?” or “Did you know we celebrate diversity in all its forms?”

On the 17th of each month, we’re asking school librarians to send a social media message about what we do. You can post on any social media outlet or even send an email to a stakeholder. We want to focus on local stakeholders first, and then at the state and national levels.

It’s easy to participate!
Step 1: Look at the current month’s question.
Step 2: Snap a photo and write your message.
Step 3: Post your message and photo on any/all platforms of social media.
Step 4: Be sure to use the hashtag #txaslleg along with other key hashtags. Step 5: Repost/retweet/share


  1. This new look is terrific, and I really appreciate the clear directions and topics for the "Let's Promote Libraries " campaign. The addition of the @TxASL tweet feed is also a great way to keep Texass school librarians informed. Thanks for the work that went into the re-design of the always informative TxASL TALKS blog.

  2. Good
    Best of use of social media for promoting library and library activities.
    Best wishes.

  3. We love this! Can we pinch it please?

  4. Thank you for providing that graphic! Visuals are always helpful.