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Tools for Telling Your Message

It is obvious to anyone paying attention that educators across the country have been erroneously painted as incompetent, inconsistent, and unconcerned with our student achievement. This incorrect message has been spread far and wide by groups who are successful at getting their side of the story out to large segments of the population.  As educators, we need to be better about sharing the successes we regularly see in our classrooms.  The data heavy reports and charts that show the excellence of public education aren’t  getting the job done. We need to take this down to our community level - how and what can you promote to your local community as evidence of success in your school or in your library program?  This promotion really needs to become part of our job. We need to sell our product to our consumers and I would like to share with you a few tools that make that part of our job easier:
Word Dream - free Apple app that enables you to create quick graphics in less than 5 minutes. …

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