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Celebrate Teen Read Week

Celebrate Teen Read Week!

Naomi Bates has been an educator for 27 years, with 17 of them as a school librarian.  She is an adjunct instructor for Texas Women's University teaching graduate courses in library science and works for Follett School Solutions.  Naomi is an active member of TxLA, ALA, and YALSA and has served on many committees for both associations.  You can contact her at
If you work with teens on a regular basis, you can definitely spot a teen reader.  They’re the ones that constantly ask when the next new YA bestseller is coming out, still gushes over the time they met their first author, and knows where your secret stash of books you hold back for them are.
As librarians we have a long battle ahead when it comes to teens and reading.  Research done by Common Sense Media shows reading rates declining not only as kids get older, but also how large the gap is in the last 30 years.  In 2014, 22% of 13 year olds and 27% of 17 year olds said they “nev…

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