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You could be a Winner! TASL and TLA Awards

By Dorcas Hand, Editor of TASLTalks, School Library Advocate, co-founder of

So January is the time that nominations and applications for these various awards are mostly due. And most TASL members are oblivious of many of these. So here is a comprehensive list - with links (as much as possible) to the web information about each. Some are simply grants to support a project in your library or your own adventures at TLA Annual conference. Others are awards that recognize service to school libraries above and beyond the basics, and over many years. A few are scholarships towards an MLS or other further education. Some are not given by TASL - I know school librarians who have won CRT’s Siddie Jo Johnson Award for their outstanding service in children’s library service. This award, and some others are by nomination - a group can get together and submit the documentation as a surprise for the potential winner - maybe around their retirement.

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