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Walking the Talk: Leadership Lessons as a Lilead Fellow

by Carolyn Foote, District Librarian at Eanes ISD and High School librarian at Westlake High School. She is a member of the current cohort of the Lilead Fellows, and an advocate for student voice, leading with technology, and flexible learning spaces. Her blogs can be found at and

What does leadership mean? For me, it means being willing to grow and learn new things and to leverage the experience I have. Part of being a leader is also recognizing when you need to tend to your own garden as well as supporting the growth of others. 

When I found the Lilead Fellows program, I was seeking something. After years of leading in a small district, I was both looking for growth for myself, and for fellowship of other leaders. Beyond that, I wanted to add more structure and background knowledge to my ad hoc leadership skills learned “on the job” and from local mentors. 

The Lilead Fellows (and other programs like it, like Texas’ wonderful…

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