September 15: Power Up at Your Library Day from TLA

by Dorcas Hand, Editor of TASL Talks

Remember all the way back to April when TLA Conference was here in Houston? Ideas Powered as a PR program was unveiled there by outgoing TLA president Susan Mann and the TLA PR and Marketing Committee – check out the video from the event.  It was powerful at conference – the idea wall was amazing! And really, “Ideas Powered – It’s What We Do” is exactly the right slogan for Texas school librarians along with our colleagues in other kinds of libraries.

Now we have Power Up at Your Library Day just around the corner on September 15. Consider how you can use TLA promos in your school community to raise awareness of what your do towards student achievement.

WHY would you want to do this? All school libraries in Texas work hard every day to demonstrate to campus, district and state leadership all that we contribute to student success: our innovative and collaborative practices that directly impact student learning. We know you are really busy – but we also know that taking a bit of time to promote your program will help to keep your library program strong, or even build support. Take this opportunity to use TLA materials to toot your horn to the community.
  • Invite district administrators and school board to visit. your superintendent and district leadership cannot be reminded too many times how great your school library program is and why every student in your district deserves a strong school library to support their love of learning, love of reading and the skills those bring to their academic achievement. SHOW OFF! You are doing a great job, but they need to know it
  • Even invite your state representative (but ask permission first). Remember, the state legislature will be enacting a new budget in spring 2017 – it is exactly the right time to remind your representatives why they want to support school libraries.
  • Also, ESSA (Federal Elementary Students Succeed Act) is on the table. State leadership is working out how those funds will be allocated across Texas. We need to remind everyone that we are included in ESSA language and should be included in the funding.

So Power Up at YOUR Library on September 15. Take the ideas presented and make them your own – or add new ones. And then take lots of pictures – you can use those photos all year round! Share them on Twitter and Facebook. This really does matter – for you, and for all your library colleagues across the state. When we do it all on one day we increase the impact of the information.

Last advice: HAVE FUN! Your students love it when you love it - and that enthusiasm builds bridges with all these decision makers as well. Really, have a great time planning and then enjoy the best Power Up at Your Library Day EVER!

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  1. The POWER UP Toolkit really is a wonderful resource. School librarians, be sure to share your plans/photos/videos with our professional community by either emailing details to OR tweeting using #poweredlibraries. Texas school librarians have so many great stories to tell -- here is your chance!!