Libraries Transform: ALA supports YOU!!!

Thanks to ALA I Love Libraries - adapted by Dorcas Hand, TASLTalks Editor

ALA Past President Sari Feldman and current President (and Texan) Julie Todaro have developed the Libraries Transform and Expert in the Library initiatives to help you in your campus and district efforts to strengthen school libraries. The website ILoveLibraries offers memes and resources you can use, with more coming. And at the bottom of this post are some memes offered by Texas librarians – as a suggestion that YOU can develop your own. 

And because we know you are stressed for time, this post is very easy to read! It's almost all in MEME format. Read on!
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And here are some Texas offerings:
·       Because according to Einstein, what one has to absolutely know is—where is the library?
·       Because we match students with the right book at the right time
·       Because we help them understand the value of a credible source
·       Because we provide a safe place for students
·       Because we bring innovative ideas to life
·       Because matching the right child to the right book changes everything.
·       Because the library may be the only place in a student's life that demands she or he quiet themselves, and spend some time seriously thinking either their own thoughts or those of Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Dickinson, Stowe, Austen, or even Freddy the Pig... Sitting still and practicing thinking is the most important work a student ever does. Not the only important work, but definitely the MOST important.
·       Because people who identify as readers vote at higher rates and volunteer more in their communities.
·       Because students always want MORE to challenge their thinking
·       Because teachers need MORE to build more engaging projects and lessons
·       Because librarians think outside the box to bring LEARNERS what they want and need.

Which of these can you use – or what would you like to add to the list??? Here’s the Google Form where I am collecting Texan meme ideas. 

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