After TLA 2015-What’s Next on Your To-Do List?

By Becky Calzada, District Library Coordinator, Leander ISD & TASL Chair-Elect
NOTE: This post was originally published on Becky's own blog:

I was checking Twitter, Facebook and email this past weekend and came across the following things from some of the librarians in my district:

“I was at my library conference and heard an idea from another librarian. It involves several volunteer staff coming up for an hour during the summer so that kids can come up with parents to check out books to read. Can you give me some feedback on this idea, pros/cons please?”- Email to principal & library coordinator from Diane Rausch, Leander ISD

“I'm learning that LISD is pretty much on the forefront of technology in the field of librarianship. Makerspaces and coding are not new to us at all. Most of us have been doing them already. So proud! Of course, we still have room to improve. That's why we are here!” –Facebook post from Brenda Speck, Leander ISD

“It was a great day! I loved Matthew Winner's thoughts. #bethehero” –Facebook post from Karen Jordan, Leander ISD
“Enjoying their spoils from today

@Tiffany_Spicer @LeanderISD_Lib”-@LHS_Library
“Another fabulous conference! Thank you for all the great ideas, books, & posters!

#txla15 #leanderisdlib –@sandyliptak 

“Last day of TLA conference! I'm sooooo tired, but it's been a great week of learning! I've learned new stuff and I've learned I'm above the curve in a ton of other stuff!! Yay me! And the BOOKS! Holy cow, the BOOKS!!”! – Facebook post Beth Brymer, Leander ISD 

These are just a few of what I read but the rich learning and many resources either purchased or obtained for free was obvious.  I also noted that many librarians were already sharing what they learned via blog posts or newsletters.  Here’s an example:

“Check out What I learned at TXLA Tech Camp! (via )  #txlatechcamp15 #leanderisdlib” -@librariandee 

I really enjoy reading over everything my librarians pass along but I also remind them to share their learning with their campus principals and teachers upon their return to campus.  Sharing new ideas and inspiration learned from conferences is an advocacy opportunity everyone can easily do.  This opportunity affirms your librarian position as a resource for others in the area of literacy and tech integration and how you see it supporting your campus and/or district goals-who wouldn’t want to spotlight that?  Also, telling your principal a simple “thank you” for allowing you to attend is another opportunity you won’t want to forget.  With all the knowledge you’ve gained and passed along, this could afford you an additional opportunity to attend conferences in addition to TLA in the future.

Whether you write a thank-you note, send an email, or simply stop by your principal’s office, don’t forget to express your appreciation and share your learning-it can really go a long way!

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