Banned Books Week is NOW! (and WEBSITES)

by Dorcas Hand

Ok – quick one today, the first day of Banned Books Week. It is always time to celebrate our freedom to read what we choose and choose what we read. But this week we especially pay attention to the vast variety of books challenged for just as wide a set of reasons, some more obvious than others. Libraries, including school libraries, serve the needs of our students – students with interests and needs that cover the range of possible reasons to challenge.

At ALA in Orlando in June, I did what I have meant to do every year. I stood in line to read from a banned book on video. Here I am. 

Hundreds of other librarians did the same. Here’s the ALA Banned Books YouTube channel.

And here is an overview video you could use with students Middle School and above - 
it’s by the Independent Student News.

So, find a way to honor this weeklong celebration in your library with your students. Support intellectual freedom.

Banned Websites Awareness Day is September 28 - see Judi Moreillon's blog post for details.

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  1. From Judi Moreillion:
    A great way to feature banned books in your library and around campus.