School Librarians CAN be Teacher of the Year in Texas - RSVP

by Irene Kistler
Teacher of the Year Finalist in 2015

TASL is working very hard to spread the word to administrators and school boards across Texas that school librarians are, indeed, teachers. Toward that end, the Texas Teacher of the Year program is allowing us to come on board as a recognized teacher organization in support of their program. This gives TASL the opportunity to provide judges for the regional teacher of the year awards, as well as provide a judge for the state's Texas Teacher of the Year program.

So how can you help? If you've received an honor of any kind at your campus, please add your name to the Google Doc below. Don't be shy! Were you nominated for a TCEA award? Tell us. Were you a campus Teacher of the Year? Let us know! Did you get recognized by the HEB Excellence in Education Awards program? Shout it out!

And the award can be a local award, too, like San Antonio's Excel Award, which is sponsored by a local television station.

When school librarians are honored as teachers, it strengthens our profession. Let us celebrate YOU by adding your name to our School Librarian Hall of Fame! We want to spread the word that school librarians make a difference everyday as teachers! 


  1. In 2014-2015, I was selected as Teacher of the Year at my elementary campus. Then in May at our District gala, I was named 2014-2015 Elementary Teacher of the Year for the District. We have 21 elementary campuses. It was a thrill to represent all librarians and to show everyone we are first, and foremost, teachers!

  2. Robin Cox, Elementary Librarian in Bryan ISD, was honored as Professional Specialist of the Year (for the whole district) in May 2015.

  3. Jill Wilkinson, Middle School Librarian in Troup ISD. I was honored as the Middle School Teacher of the Year this year. This is a small school, but I am delighted to work for a principal (Ava Johnson) that recognizes the value in what I do.

  4. Kim Warwick, Librarian, Teacher of the Year 2015-2016 at Beckendorff Junior High, Katy ISD