Thoughts on ALA Midwinter

by Dorcas Hand
Boston - always fun, tho this time I barely saw the city where I attended college. I was in meetings and meetings – but all with a common thread of advocacy for libraries, especially school libraries. I thought I would debrief myself for all of you so that you can better see how AASL and ALA are working for you every day, all year long.

Saturday morning, a two hour meeting of the Steering Committee for the Julie Todaro Presidential Initiative. Julie is building on the strong foundation of current ALA President Sari Feldman’s recently launched initiative Libraries Transform 

My challenge to you today, Texas school librarians: write a meme that answers the statement, “Why TEXAS SCHOOL Libraries are Transforming.” I know you have answers. Use this Google form to send me your ideas. Then stay tuned for a compilation of replies!

Saturday afternoon – AASL All-committee for the AASL Advocacy Committee, and to learn details about the Focus Groups that will be held at conference about the new AASL Standards now being written. Every state has had the chance to suggest ideas to include.

The AASL Advocacy Committee will be updating in the next 6 months two of the toolkits currently posted to the AASL website: AASL works hard to offer every school librarian support tools for greatest campus success. Join us and be active!

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday mornings – ALA Council meetings. I sit as a Councilor-at-Large. Very interesting, sometimes dull but important that the voices of youth librarians and Texas librarians be present at the table of the governing body of ALA. The highpoint this time was a resolution supporting the overarching Advocacy Implementation Plan that coordinates all of the divisions, and even filters to state affiliates like TLA.

Sunday afternoon – The Todaro Initiative School Subcommittee meeting with members in person and online to get our work started. The Todaro focus is The Expert in the Library –You. How does the librarian transform the library in all its glory? Stay tuned. Think about your expertise. We’ll be asking!

Monday midday – COLA/ACG meeting. Translation: Committee on Library Advocacy and Advocacy Coordinating Committee for big ALA. I represent AASL on this group which sponsored the resolution mentioned above. We also discussed the priority of our 11 goals, all of which are very important. The work of this committee is a process, but the resolution will help us improve communication to other essential players in the progress to our goals.

Tuesday afternoon – airport and home, very tired. Today, Sunday, catching up with the To Do List which included a TASL Talks post. Welcome to my world where school library advocacy is what I do almost every day.

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