School Library Advocates Need

By Dorcas Hand is an initiative of the American Library Association with the vision to keep America informed about what’s happening in today’s libraries. The home page offers links to current articles of interest for various kinds of libraries, but schools are the top of the page. ALA is determined to lead readers deeper into the site for information, videos and links to more.
Currently, a piece about a Pittsburgh (PA) area school district that has cut back on library staff leads the website sits beside a link to School Libraries Make the Difference, which offers pages about Student Achievement, College and Career Readiness, Lifelong Learners and Student Success Endangered as well as How Can I Get Involved and some FAQs. The FAQs are really great – things like “Why do we still need libraries when we have the internet?” and “Why do we need a school librarian?”
You might even want to join AASL to have direct access to even more resources, beyond the ones open to the public.
So we’ll keep today’s post very short – spread the word to all the advocates on your campus about, and use the ideas with the folks who are not yet on your list of supporters. You already read this Texas blog – take the hint to look farther afield, and take full advantage of this free support tool. There are resources beyond Texas that can help us.

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